I have wanted the Urban Decay Naked palettes for ages, but since they are quite expensive, I searched for alternatives and found this one- by W7. This is the “In The Nude” one and a dupe for Naked 3 palette. They don’t sell this in Estonia, so I had to order it from the UK. I actually bought this a few months ago and have used it every single day since then. I really like natural make-up looks and this palette is perfect for that. Thinking back, I probably could have bought the real thing because it lasts very long and is therefore more of an investment. When I get bored of this palette or have my own income, then maybe I’ll buy the Urban decay one instead. To buy an extra one now would be quite silly.
But for those, who are willing to buy the real thing, I highly recommend it, however if you are not, then this is great as well and costs only around 8€. It is a bit less pigmented than the real one from what I can tell, but for a more subtle look, it’s very good.

Olen juba ammu tahtnud endale Urban Decay Naked meigipalette, kuid kuna hind on neil üpris krõbe, siis otsisin alternatiive ning leidsin selle – firmalt W7. See on “In Ihe Nude” ja on nö dupe Naked 3 paletile. Eesti poodides seda ei müüda, seega tellisin selle Inglismaalt. Ostsin selle tegelikult juba mitu kuud tagasi ning olen seda sellest alates iga päev kasutanud. Kuna mulle meeldib rohkem selline loomulikum “ma ei saanudki aru, et sul meik peal on” meik, on see palett lihtsalt perfektne. Tagant järgi mõeldes, oleks ilmselt võinud osta ka Urban decay oma, kuna see palett kestab väga kaua ning oleks pigem investeering kui raiskamine. Kui sellest paletist tüdinen, ning oma sissetulek on, siis ehk pöördun õige asja poole, praegu aga lisaks osta ka Naked 3-e oleks natuke tobe.
Neile, kes on valmis ostma õiget asja, soovitan seda teha, kui aga õiget osta ei jaksa/ei soovi, siis see palett on samuti väga hea ning maksab sõltuvalt ostukohast umbes 8€. Veidi vähem pigmenteeritud kui õige palett, kuid tagasihoidlikuma looki jaoks super.

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