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A little memory from Newcastle again, from the day we took a walk on the bridge. We cut our walk a bit short due to strong wind and chance of rain, but the view from the bridge was so worth being a bit cold and my hair getting so messy. 
I’m also wearing my new (well then new) shoes. They are the love-it-or-hate-it type, but I love them and fortunately they are very light and comfortable on. They also make every outfit more exiting, being so shiny and noticable. Though I didn’t take them with me right now to Finland, I wore them so much back in Estonia. Metallic shoes are very in right now and actually I purchased a pair from Zara a month or so ago, but returned them as they were gold and I realised I wanted silver ones instead. From that day, I had been looking for new ones but just couldn’t find the right ones.:)

Shoes - Topshop 

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