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Today we have a little light to dark, ombre thing, happening with my outfit. I'm wearing one of my latest purchases- the white top with a bow on the side. I also have on my nude pants and brown boots. I was sweatting like a pig with these shoes, but as they are going to be boxed up and not worn for a while now, I figured I'd make a quick post with them. 

Also, you can't probably see much, but I just wanted to mention, that I am wearing an awesome nail polish from Loreal. I barrowed it from my friend, so I don't know the exact name, but it is so good. I put on 2 coats last Saturday night and it is starting to peel off a bit just now. I'll buy myself one in a few days or so and then I'll share with you the details. Good job Loreal!

Top - Mohito
Pants - Seppälä
Boots - H&M

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