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I haven't made makeup related posts for a while, mostly since I haven't really tried many new products lately. But I thought I'd show you my little helpers in the field of makeup - brushes (and tools). Some of them are relatively new.. and some of them are not. 
These are the brushes I use daily, but I would definitely get by with less (especially regarding eye makeup). Don't get me wrong, I don't own tons of brushes and these are not just a little selection of them. These are the ones I've bought and use the most, and I have maybe 2-3 brushes that I own, but don't use, because I either don't like them anymore or I've found a better one. 


First let's talk about the face brushes. I use the biggest of them - the RT Buffing Brush, to apply my powder, contour and blush (in that exact order). Medium one - the Contour Brush for my highlight and the smallest of them - the Detailer Brush, to apply my Mac Studio Finish Consealer. The brushes are from the Real Techniques Core Collection and I would recommend them to anyone. It is a great start-out package. There was a fourth, the Foundation Brush, but I stopped using it when I got the Beauty Blender

Now, the beauty blender..  I don't even know what to say to do it justice. It is absolutely amazing! It deserves a post of it's own. I owned the cheap ebay version of it, I mean it did the job.. kind of.. (now thinking) well, not really. The same second I tryed my new beauty blender, I threw the cheap one in the trash. I use it to apply and/or blend my foundation as well as both of my concealers (for undereye area and blemishes). 


Now moving on to the eyes. These three are the ones I use the most. These are the Mac 217, Real Techniques Bold Metals 201 (Pointed Crease Brush) and Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush. 

Let's start with the best- the Mac 217.  This is my latest purchase and seriously, this brings your makeup to a whole other level. My eyeshadow game has gone up a million levels with that brush. I guess using the right brushes really do make a differance :D. This does such a good job blending, that if you are looking to buy any eyeshadow brushes, any at all, I'd buy this one or the newer one with smaller bristles (they are quite expensive, but you really don't need anything else when you have either of them). 

The RT (Real Techniques) and the Seventeen onen I bought when I was in the UK. I use the RT Bold Metals 201 to apply medium dark colours to my crease (I say medium dark, since I've found it doesn't work well with my darker eyeshadows, it makes quite a harsh line and I would have to go over it with the Mac brush anyways). It's pointed tip is also good for putting the eyeshadows on the undereyes.

The Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush is kind of useless now, but it was only 2 pounds, so I thought what the hell. It does an OK job, but after buying the Mac 217, I use it less and less every day. However, as I did buy it, I still try to find a place for it in my makeup routine. Right now I use it to highlight the inner corner and the middle of my eyelids. 

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