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Happy new year, guys!

The holidays are  over and so is the year. Cannot believe how fast it has gone by. 

A new year is kind of a new page, a fresh start, and at the end of every year, like most of us, I try to analyse how the year turned out, so I can make sure to do everything in my power to make the next year even better. Was the past year everything I hoped it would be? It honestly never is for me, as in some aspecs of life we win, in others we might lose, and even though it might hurt and it might be dissapointing, I have learnt that it is completely fine and actually unavoidable. 

I believe sometimes when we live our day-to-day lives, we feel like we are not achieving anything if the day before was not much different from today. We want changes to happen overnight and get frustrated, if they don't. We don't really notice all of the changes we've made and challenges we've overcome... but it we widen the scope..

When I think back on 2017, I am actually surprised on how many big changes I've faced. I can say in all honesty, that this year I've focused more on my career and less on relationships. At the start of the year, I got a new job. In the beginning of December I changed jobs again, however still remaining in the same company, just moving to a different department and job role- a level up, I'd say. I'm supposedly also the youngest person in my department, so that is pretty cool. I ended my relationship of 6 years, still managing to remain friends with the person, and I also got my first rental apartment and am living completely alone for the first time ever! These are all quite big changes I would say! 

Even though there were quite good, life-changing, things happening in 2017, there were still many unfortunate things that happened and also some things I wanted to achieve, but didn't - like graduating uni, getting my driver's licence, travelling and being more active on my blog and other social media outlets, so I guess 2018 has to be the year for all of that! I've also felt more lost in myself this year than ever before. I've been trying to get back the aspects of me I've been quietly losing over the past years. I think so many of us face the same issue, especially after going though a break-up.

However, I believe that if the place I am today is better than last year, I can consider the year an overall success, and I do believe, that I am a little bit happier with where I am in my life today, than where I was a year ago. 

This year I'm making sure to stay humble and grateful for all that I have. Trying new things, keeping a goal in sight and always going one step closer to achieving my dreams. I am young, there are so many things I want to achieve in life and things I want to experience, so what better time to do it then now!?

How was your year? What are you most excited about in 2018?

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