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Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well!

It's been quite a while since my last post, hasn't it..? 

Since the last time we talked, a lot has happened. Here's a quick overview - I had me vacation and celebrated me 23rd birthday with my friends. We had such an amazing time, the night ended around 5 a.m. and I am super happy I decided to celebrate it afterall. I also got myself a pretty exciting gift, which you will see very soon. 

The day after the birthday celebration I went back home, as the last time I was there, it was Midsummer day.. Didn't do much there however, just spent time with my sisters and my nieces. Also, since I don't have anyone in Tallinn to shoot with, I took the chance and did a quick shoot too - I'll share the pictures in upcoming post.

One of the biggest changes recently is that with the beginning of December, I started at a new position, which I'm very excited about. Of course the most annoying thing had to happen too - I got sick. I've been ill for more than a week now, going to work every day, and I honestly cannot wait to feel like a person again. I am overall a quite healthy person, but I feel like in recent months, things are not that good anymore. I'm currently struggling with a cold, which in our climate is pretty much the default setting, but also absolutely every little noise gives me a headache. Last weekend I got a fever and my eyes swell up as if I'd been drinking for a month straight. Sounds super nice, right? :D 

Lastly, don't mean to shock you, but already next week, it's Christmas. Are you shocked? I AM! I'm very excited for Christmas this year though!  

So there were quick updates for now, hope you all are healthy and are having an awesome week!

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