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I've been on a hunt for a good coin necklaces for quite some time now. Browsing on instagram and pinterest, I'd come across quite a few shops selling beautiful pendant necklaces (e.g Asos, Verge Girl, Hunter x Hunter The Label etc), but the one that really caught my eye, was Cinco. 

I've seen their necklaces on so many of the influencers that I love and was not at all hesitant to buy them. The real struggle was choosing the necklace though, because every single one of these is a stunner. I ended up going for "Ginger" and "Dylan", as they seemed to be very cute worn both on their own, as well as together (they have different chain lengths, plus the smaller one "Dylan" has an adjustable chain). With 925 sterling silver and 24k gold plating, they are also a good value for your money. Definitely worth looking into!

 Check out Cinco's selection HERE

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